hi i'm cleo

22 ∘ he/they ∘ pan ∘ transmasc
virgo² ∘ sept 12th ∘ florida

i post a lot of jjba, esp kakyoin, jotaro, jotakak, and parts 3 + 5. i post spoilers

i'm autistic, avoidant, paranoid, and my memory is bad, i may take a while to reply, please be patient with me

galen is my bf (3/9/14)♡
jotakak gc president ⭐️🍒
josuyasu gc chef 💙💜
sad boy twitter

don't follow me if you fit general dfi criteria or make autistic/triggered jokes.
PLEASE do not send me tweets making fun of my comfort characters (KAKYOIN) or @ me to make fun of me when i talk about them. also don't @ me to question things i say when i'm just minding my business. sometimes i'm more sensitive to this than others, but as a general rule,,,,i don't want them. thank u

give my pinned a like when you've read