howdy doody

about me

name cleo
age 22, sept 12th
zodiac virgo²
pronouns he/him but they is perfectly fine
sexuality pansexual
location florida

⋆ engaged to galen
⋆ i have a culinary degree
⋆ autistic, avoidant, dyscalculiac, ppd
⋆ my twitter is rt/image heavy, mildly nsfw, and not spoiler free, esp for jjba
⋆ i collect figures, keychains, pins, etc and you can see most of it here for my all might specific collection Check This Out

⋆currently: its all jojo in here!!!! mainly jotaro, kakyoin, jotakak, part 5, etc etc


⋆ yakuza series
⋆ bnha
⋆ jojo
⋆ naruto
⋆ fire emblem
⋆ golden kamuy

⋆ figure collecting
⋆ collecting merch
⋆ enamel pins
⋆ garage kits
⋆ mcelroy content
⋆ cherry coke

fave characters

all might
⋆ iida tenya
⋆ princess zelda
jotaro kujo
kakyoin noriaki
⋆ rohan kishibe
⋆ narancia ghirga
sasuke uchiha
⋆ jaal ama darav
⋆ anders
kiryu kazuma
majima goro

⋆ rey
⋆ rui wakaoji
ned stark
⋆ alphonse elric
⋆ asuka langley
⋆ magnus burnsides
⋆ tanigaki genjirou
⋆ tifa lockhart
⋆ erwin smith
⋆ reiner braun
⋆ renji abarai
⋆ sui-feng


⋆ caejose
⋆ avpol
⋆ josuyasu
⋆ inosaku
⋆ kakagai
⋆ aojaku

⋆ majimako
⋆ erasermight
⋆ ikesoren
⋆ hankcon
⋆ eruri
⋆ hanpeto

before you follow

⋆ i typically follow back esp if you interact/share interests
⋆ if i follow and you have an extended about i read it
⋆ i try to like every tweet i see, if this bothers you feel free to sb/hb
⋆ please softblock when you unfollow
⋆ if you're gonna mute me i'd rather you just softblock
⋆ like spam & backreading is 👌 and encouraged
⋆ rting & qrting is 👌 unless explicitly stated/clearly personal
⋆ please tag irl teeth and animal abuse/death
⋆ i don't post triggering content but if i do it'll be tagged. i tend to avoid anything iffy to be safe

don't follow if

⋆ fit general dfi criteria, you're a terf, nazi, etc
⋆ you're gonna make autistic/triggered jokes or @ me to make fun of/talk shit about me or things i like. jokes like "im gonna kill u" when i say cursed shit is 👌!
⋆ if u dont like kazumaji and/or jotakak u probably shouldnt follow me but this one's up to u
⋆ i dont like being involved in or seeing discourse tm

go ahead and give my pinned a like if you read thru everything! thanks!


overwatch: gaysforkiryu#1412
discord: ugendo#2808
fortnite: theboymayor
acpc: 0248-8557-462
fe:h: 6666283469
t7s: cleo eVgmmQA
love live: cleo 380658260

huge interest list

⋆ yakuza
⋆ jojo's bizarre adventure
⋆ naruto
⋆ my hero academia
⋆ fire emblem
⋆ golden kamuy
⋆ star wars
⋆ neon genesis evangelion
⋆ vocaloid
⋆ tokyo 7th sisters